Using Selasdia: The Robotic Salesman and You

Selasdia, the Robotic Salesman, accelerates the sales process by automating certain steps and speeding up others in order to help you amplify your sales efforts.



Selasdia helps you Find prospects, Tell them about your offerings, and Sell, by doing the following three key steps:

Collect, Campaign, Clue in.

Collect: Using intelligent B2B buyer profiling, Selasdia picks up people on social media that match your search configuration including industry, role in industry and location. Selasdia highlights as Leads those profiles it thinks have the budget, authority, need and timing to approach.

Find: You can verify if you have picked up relevant Leads and change your configuration to streamline the list.  You can build massive lists of decision makers in the industry you wish to target, for sales or partnerships. You can reach them through email and take the conversation offline into meetings.

Campaign: Selasdia can automate interactive marketing through campaigns, which will increase awareness of your company. Selasdia follows relevant people and organizations in order to get visibility.  Selasdia suggests 500 safe interactions on twitter a day, which could be anything from a follow to a favourite, and you can also configure a short twitter message with your content.  Selasdia listens to the conversations of your Leads, identifies trending topics and top influencers in the industry.

Tell:  You amplify your content marketing by creating content about trending keywords and post on your Leads’ most widely read blogs and through their influencers. Your content can also be distributed in relevant twitter conversations with Leads.

Clue in:  Selasdia’s AI uses intentional analysis to search through Documents on social media that match your search configuration including keywords, user roles, industry and location. Selasdia picks up direct inquiries about products and services in your industry, questions and complaints about competitors, and posts about your company.

Sell: You can answer direct inquiries about services you offer and engage in trending conversations about your industry through Twitter.  Once Selasdia has helped you generate leads, streamline your content, distribute your content, and engage with your prospects on social media, you can convert direct inquiries and social media interactions into email interactions, then into phone or office meetings. And then sell!


About the Author:

Indu Manohar manages robot-human relations at Selasdia.  She writes, dances and dives.

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