The Core Problem Of B2B Marketing



B2B sales and marketing is a different ball game than B2C marketing because prospective buyers are a small subset of the population.


For example, not every person who searches for a warehousing-related keyword using a search engine is a prospective buyer of warehousing software.


In this context, search engine advertising becomes very inefficient and ineffective.


So, we use AI to target advertisement only at prospective B2B buyers (that is, people in specific roles in the industry who would be able to make or influence a buying decision).


In doing so, we solve a very important problem in B2B marketing – one that search engine marketing technologies – like Google – do not (and cannot) solve, and that is B2B buyer profile targeting.


For example, making 1000 people aware of a B2B product on Google costs upwards of Rs. 100,000 ($2000) in advertising expenses. But despite spending that money, one would have reached very few prospective buyers of a B2B software product.


Reaching similar awareness levels using Selasdia would cost far less AND each and be more efficient since every one of the 1000 people it would tell about the B2B product would be a prospective buyer.



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