Teaming up – how marketing and sales teams can team up to build trust & break down sales barriers

This article talks about how marketing and sales teams can team up to win customers.

How does marketing go about clearing a path for sales?

The first way to build trust is by demonstrating expertise.

Content marketing can help demonstrate expertise.  But merely curating content on
social media pages would probably not suffice.  That’s because you can’t really showcase your abilities without the use of original content created by experts in your firm.

It might also help to have experts representing the firm maintain a certain degree of activity in specialized communities and professional organizations.

The second way to build trust is to stay in touch.

How can staying in touch build trust, you ask?

Well, one of the things that enterprise customers want to be convinced of is the longevity of a product vendor.

If you stay in touch with people, then they’ll have a long history of conversation with you in their minds to remind them that their relationship with you goes back a long way and that you are not a vendor who is there today and gone tomorrow.

A shared history – conversations – can not only help a customer have more faith in you, but it might also serve to give a customer some clues as to your probity.

Relationship marketing is a concept that has longevity at its core.

So these (content marketing and relationship marketing) are two tools that savvy marketing teams can use to boost enterprise sales.

When prospecting salesmen look for leads, they focus on immediate opportunities for nailing a sale.  And it is important that they do that.

But people with immediate needs are very few in number.

A marketing team needs to cast its net much wider and go after anyone who might have the means and the decision making ability to be a customer some day.

This broader category of people is what we refer to as meads.

Meads are not leads (they have no immediate need and motivation to buy) but they are people who are worth the effort of educating about your brand.

By educating them about your offerings, you stand a better chance of being in the running if and when a need for your offerings arises.

There is also a distant possibility that a mead might convert into a lead once they learn about the difference your product or service could make to their firm.

Selasdia is a tool that can be used to identify meads and to educate them about your products and services:

A good read that for people studying how social media is transforming marketing and sales is the book “The Social Media Management Handbook” by Smith, N., Wollen, R., and Zhou, C.  (John Wiley and Sons).

In the book, the authors talk briefly about how marketing and sales functions of businesses are beginning to have to work closer together in order to engage customers on social media.

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