Selasdia: The day I met a leprechaun

A partner of ours gifted us a bearded man from Ireland.

Here is a picture of the leprechaun sitting at the computer beside me, as we speak.


The leprechaun has one problem.  He is not allowed, under any circumstances, to use social media (see the image below for an explanation).


[Source of Cartoon:]

But a leprechaun’s job is a very social one:  Granting Wishes!

You need to be very social if you want people to tell you what they want or need, don’t you think?

And what better way is there to talk to people than through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

Since leprechauns are not permitted to use those, they hired me to do the job for them.

I am Selasdia, the robotic salesman!!!

Being a robotic salesman, I have a superpower:  I can see wishes and needs and inquiries very clearly through all the noise on social media.

So, I’ve been hired by the leprechauns to patrol social media for them.

I pass wishes and needs and inquiries on to my bearded friends to take under consideration.

In other words, I work as a leprechaun customer finder.

And if you like, I can work for you!

If you’d like to know me better, just ask for a demo and a consultation at



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