Influence Analysis in the Freemium Version of Selasdia

Ever wanted to know who your customers go to for information about your product vertical?

Influence Analysis

A new feature available in Selasdia is influence analysis, which allows you to do just that.

Selasdia identifies the information sources that people use to obtain information about your category of products.

Selasdia also identifies people whom others trust and go to for advice on matters related to your products.

You can use this information to advertise your brand on influential websites.

You can also take steps to make yourself known to influential people.

Information Sources Ranked By Influence

Here is a report on the key information sources used by customers in the marketing tools vertical (there’s quite a bit of noise in this list, but the output becomes more dependable the longer you run the tool).

This report tells a firm where it stands in the marketing tools space (how it compares with the leader Hubspot). You will see that Marketo’s properties rank below those of Hubspot on the information source list.

Individuals Ranked By Influence

You can also see who the key users whom people think about in the context of marketing tools are:


You can see that Hubspot again ranks above Marketo. This provides further confirmation of the influence rankings of the respective firms.

Predicting Sales

In a way, you can predict future sales through this report.

Since Marketo does not rank as high as an information source for customers, not have as much interpersonal influence acting on its behalf, it is not likely to acquire as many customers organically as the leader (in this case Hubspot).

So, the sales of Marketo’s marketing tools next year is bound to be smaller in absolute numbers than Hubspot’s in this product segment.

How to Configure Selasdia’s Influence Analysis Tools

Selasdia is extremely easy to use.

Selasdia has a Buyer Finder tool which you configure for intention analysis.

You need to provide it the names of your bands, your competitors’ brands and the generic name for your type of product.

Take Shoes for Example

For example, if you’re a sports shoe brand, your product’s name might be (say) ‘Nike’, your competitors’ products might be ‘Adidas’ and ‘Reebok’ and the generic name for your product might be ‘shoe’ or ‘sneaker’.

After you’ve entered this information, start the tracker.

Selasdia starts computing your influence.

Next Morning

The very next morning, Selasdia will mail you a list of influencers.

The list will get more and more accurate every day.

Sign Up

Sign up for a free account, and find out within a day how much influence you have!


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