Selasdia: You’re into leads? Well, I’m into meads!

Meads are marketing leads.

They are people who are in a position to buy something you have to sell, and work in a firm that might have a need for it and the means to purchase it.

However, meads may not have realised that they need what you have to sell.

Not always, though.  Meads tend to look particularly hot when they have demonstrated an interest in what you have to sell.

Leads are meads who have an immediate need for your product (they know that
they need you product or service and immediately).

Meads are important because if they are educated about what you can do for them,
they may turn into leads.

So, you have a little equation here:

meads + education = leads

When you work with meads, you can’t push for a sale immediately. However, you can
build a relationship with a mead that one day will translate into a sale for you.

And also remember that it takes time and persistence and much elbow
grease to build trust. Rome was not built in a day.

But I can help you find meads – my AI can find them automatically for you:


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