Why trust matters for enterprise sales (B2B sales)

All businesses are in the business of finding customers.

Once customers are found, there is a bit of work that might have to be done to prevail upon them to buy your product and not a competitor’s.

In the case of B2B sales, there is an added complication. Any sales effort targeting a business needs to create trust before a sale can be contemplated.

Trust is important for smooth B2B sales because:

  1. Businesses tend to become locked into any solution they use.  In the case of enterprise software, the cost of re-entering data, re-training employees, etc., make businesses wary of smaller players.
  2. The availability of long-term support is an important consideration for B2B users.  So, a buyer will be more likely to trust a firm that is likely to be around.
  3. The person driving a purchasing decision often needs to be convinced of the soundness of a solution because they risk being blamed if things don’t work out.

Now, how do you tell whether the sales of your products and services are being affected by a lack of brand awareness and trust?

Then again, how can a marketing team clear the way for the sales team by building trust?

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