A sentence that says the opposite of what you mean – OR – how not to write a marketing slogan on a Friday

Sentence Diagrams - Types of Parse Trees

Courtesy of Wikipedia (in the article on Sentence Diagrams)


Today, my colleague Indu, while working on Selasdia, came across a very funny sentence.

As she was going through the leads that Selasdia had collected for her, she noticed something strange on one of the prospective customers’ web-pages.

She showed me the webpage and asked me if I didn’t think it weird that someone would describe their services as follows:

“Helping you make your digital marketing work harder”

I read the sentence once, then again, and told Indu that I found nothing wrong with it.

In fact, I thought it to be a very fine mission statement.

She said, “Cohan, but that’s weird!”

I said, “No, it isn’t.   What can be weird about them wanting to help you with your digital marketing and make it work harder (as in better) for you?”

She said, “Oh, is that how you read it?  I thought they meant they would make your “digital marketing work” harder (as in ‘more difficult’) for you.”

Oh well, it’s Friday!

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